As well as a TV career, the British Hairdresser of the Year has five London salons and his own product range.

My design aesthetic came from architecture, which I gave up because I was looking for something more immediate. I've always been interested in fashion, design and make-up and I knew that hair was my calling. I took a year off and travelled across the US on a Greyhound. When I returned I got trained as a hairdresser then set up my own company. The transition to being self-employed was my first major step in life but the best I've ever made. It's given me a huge amount of freedom to choose my own destiny. I've been fortunate to find a profession that I've a natural flair for - it's a wonderful way to earn a living and I can keep on challenging myself.

I got onto The Clothes Show because I used to send press releases on the latest styles to TV programmes. I now appear on GMTV and Style Challenge. I really enjoy it. I love working with the public in that way.

To be a great hairdresser you have to care for people and gain their trust - they are putting a big part of themselves in your hands. Hair has so much to do with image. You have to be aware whether the look will suit your client.

I'm a perfectionist and have always thrown caution to the wind. I'm also incredibly positive and regularly drum into my team that every negative has a positive, and every problem has a solution.