Publisher, photographer and co-founder of the style magazine Dazed & Confused, Rankin has become a key figure for Nineties fashion and style. A book of his recent solo exhibition at the Tom Blau Gallery is now available, pounds 12.50

I STARTED off as an accountancy student at Brighton aged 19. I did a year and realised I wasn't into it. I left and started taking photographs as a way to relieve boredom. I eventually went on to do a photography degree at the London College of Printing, and that's where I started off working for magazines. We set up Dazed & Confused when I was 26, and I left LCP and set up a little studio.

My first job was to do press photographs for Bjork, and from there I got an agent, Dazed & Confused got bigger and life got really exciting. Bjork was a lucky break because she's one of those people who, if she's interested in you, other people are interested in you.

Being arrogant and being perceptive have helped me along the way. That's one of the most important things for a photographer, to be perceptive about who they are photographing, so you can judge their moods and their reactions to the shots.

I hate being put into some sort of genre, and I think Dazed & Confused has helped break down some of the barriers for younger photographers and writers because we have given them an alternative to go to.

You have to forge your own career path. I'm a workaholic, I'm a bit lucky and really enthusiastic. You've got to believe in your own instincts, keep going and put everything else into second place. Its being creative and inspired that's really important to me.

Lucy Williams