THE shortlist

Original: When the martini began it was made up of three-quarters gin to one-quarter vermouth, shaken or stirred, and served in a small martini glass. Since then it has become "drier": less vermouth, more gin.

Savoy Classic: A very dry martini made using Beefeater Gin. The gin and the serving glass should be kept in the freezer or cooled with ice before the drink is made. The mixing glass is filled half way with ice and a generous measure of gin poured over it. Then add a tiny splash of Vermouth, (Martini is the one used by the Savoy). Stir the drink gently so as not to disturb its clear colour. Then strain it, using a Hawthornes metal strainer (a genuine one must have Hawthornes written on it). Serve with a twist of lemon peel or two olives on a cocktail stick.

007: The same mixture as above but this time instead of stirring, the mixing glass should be covered and shaken - you have to put all your energy into it to ensure the ice is broken and starts to dissolve. The result is a cloudy, slightly sparkling drink, which is lighter than the Savoy classic. Served without straining in either a classic glass or on the rocks (see below) - with either a lemon twist or olives.

On the rocks: The kind of glass James Bond usually carries is needed. Almost fill the glass with ice and then strain the drink, if a classic, or just pour if shaken, on to the rocks. This has to be done carefully so as not to disturb the drink. Served with two olives on a cocktail stick and a plastic stirrer.

Vodka: Made with Russian vodka which replaces the gin. Of course the glass and bottle must be chilled and the resulting drink should be as clear as the Savoy Classic. Best served on the rocks (see above) with two olives on a cocktail stick. Less savage on the palate than gin, this is recommended for those who want a lighter taste.

Gibson: Favoured by Americans. A pickled onion is substituted for the olives and the twist of lemon. The variations on the Gibson are either the Martini Gibson (made like the classic with gin) or the Vodka Gibson (made with vodka).

Hennesstini: This is a variation on the drink plugged by the manufacturers of Hennessy brandy. A generous measure of brandy is used instead of the gin base and then the standard dash of vermouth is added. Shake with the vigour and style of Tom Cruise in Cocktail and serve in a classic martini glass. Also available is the Grandmartini using Grand Marnier orange liqueur instead of the vermouth.

Pub: Ask for a martini at your local pub, and you'll get a large measure of vermouth served on ice or sometimes with a mixer like lemonade. Good for those who want to avoid a major hangover.

The martinis were mixed by Salim at the American Bar, the Savoy Hotel, London