The shortlist; GREAT COMEBACKS

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Liz Taylor: The Queen Mum of Hollywood, Liz is set to play a 75-year-old woman in new Tinseltown epic Walking Through Egypt. Her last serious performance was in The Mirror Crack'd in 1980, otherwise she's starred in tacky perfume ads and LA divorce petitions. Comeback rating: she may give big hair a bad name, but underneath all those rocks and Estee Lauder, she's still got it.

Suede: In 1992, Suede were the popnocscenti's darlings, but nobody bought their records: Brett Anderson proved too effete for the lager'n'lads generation. Now that vodka shots and floppy fringes are back, so is the Androgynous One. Comeback rating: Melody Maker makes 'Trash' its single of the week and people start buying it. The popnoscenti are relieved.

Batman: Bob Kane's 1939 creation was inspired by a Leonardo da Vinci sketch, and in the 1960s was reincarnated as Adam West's camp, hero. Hollywood's revival started in 1989 with Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer giving him doses of darkness. Now George Clooney steps into the PVC pants. Comeback rating: Hollywood's only stab at mainstream bondage, judges, MPs and 12- year-olds can all get a kick.

The Beatles: John Lennon's unfinished studio recording became 'Free As A Bird' when the other three moaned along with him. It got to No 2 in 1995 in spite of Radio One's lack of interest. In 1996 the frightful three were offered $33m to play in New York but Paul McCartney turned the offer down. Comeback rating: since the only talented one got shot by Mark Chapman, any attempts at a Beatles reunion is doomed to dismal failure.

The Saint: Leslie Charteris's character hit British television screens in 1963 with Roger Moore as Simon Templar. Now it's set for a $45m revival with the uncool Val Kilmer. Comeback rating: Charteris described his character as 'a roaring adventurer... (who) lives for the pursuit of excitement'. With Kilmer in the role, maybe they'll change it to the 'The Squib'.

John Travolta: Cursed by That White Suit, it took 15 years before Travolta became fashionable again. His revival came in 1995 with Pulp Fiction and he's still going with Get Shorty and Phenomenon. Comeback rating: he's cornered the market in cool. The goofy teeth, cleft chin and gonky hair are distinctive, not naff. Apparently.

Jackanory: Disappeared in 1995. Now the best bits will be repeated on BBC2 on Sunday mornings as Jackanory Gold. These 'heritage classics' will be read by luminaries such as Dame Judi Dench, Bernard Cribbins and Kenneth Williams. Comeback rating: as long as they've included 'Little Nose' I don't care.

The Sex Pistols: Dubbed 'The Filthy Lucre Tour', the Pistols reportedly got pounds 1m apiece for their world tour earlier this year. Johnny left presenter Julia Carling speechless when he swore on Top Of The Pops. Comeback rating: it could have been worse; Rotten saved the day: 'Don't be so shy. It's only Johnny - fat, 40 and back.'

Cayte Williams