The stuff of laddism

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Indy Lifestyle Online

Launched: March 1991

Circulation: 111,007

In this issue: "He takes my five iron in his hands, a sight so thrilling it knocks the breath out of me" (on the sexiness of golf)


Launched: May 1994

Circulation: 400,000

In this issue: "Helen Mirren, Britain's greatest actress. Still fit as f*ck no matter what bloody age she is."


Launched: April 1995

Circulation: 150,261

In this issue: "If a mate tells you that sex is as good as it gets, you can draw a conclusion - the guy has never ridden a motor-bike."


Launched: November 1996

Circulation: 60,592

In this issue: "If size doesn't matter, why are we obsessed with making everything electronic smaller?"