The Essentials: Soaking in a long, hot bath has to be the best way to relax after battling home from work on a cold, dark winter's night. So, here we've chosen some must haves to turn your bathtime into pure self-indulgent pleasure.

The Ultimate Bathrack (top left), from Presents Direct, lives up to its name, with space for candles and your favourite tipple. It costs pounds l95 and is available by mail order: 0171-3717017.

Get exotic and store aromatherapy oils and bubble bath in these colourful bottles (far left) priced at just pounds l.80 each, from Ikea.

There's no reason why kids should have a monopoly on having fun in the tub. This "Cool" duck (left) by Live & Exclusive (0171-4341011), will cheer up any bath, while glycerine soaps, which cost pounds 4.50 for a pack of four from Habitat, will add a splash of colour.

After a long soak, it's a treat to wrap yourself in one of these huge bath towels (top), priced at pounds 5.50, also from Ikea.