Apart from ironing the new school uniform and packing the lunchbox, you'll probably want to buy a bundle of new stationery. To make sure you don't blot your copy book we've picked a sample of the most colourful and stylish, pens, notebooks, rulers and gadgets around.

This case of 12 coloured pencils costs pounds 4; orange and blue silver fountain pens pounds l6.50 - all from Paperchase. Telephone 0171-580 8496 for stockists and mail order.

No school bag can be without this pink fluorescent Polly Pocket ruler and pencil sharpener at pounds 4.99. Telephone 01793 437800 for stockists.

Go on safari with these fake fur notebooks in zebra and leopard prints from pounds 2.95 to pounds 6.95; sleek Premium calculators at pounds 9.50 or Tykho rubberised calculators at pounds l6.95 - all from Bureau, Covent Garden, London (0171-379 7898)

Janet Knight