The Time: Autumn

The Place: Britain

The Essentials: It finally looks like the Indian summer is drawing to a close with weather forecasters warning of cool nights and frosty mornings. Before the big chill descends upon us, stock up on these essentials to keep you warm throughout the cold months ahead.

Keep warm on cold nights with a groovy translucent hot-water bottle from Jerry's Homestore, priced pounds 9.95 (0171-581 0909).

Spend a cosy evening by the fire snuggled up in one of these soft wool rugs, priced pounds 95 from Presents Direct.

Slip on these red velvet slippers, priced pounds 39.95 from Presents Direct. Mail order: 0171-371 7017.

The Hot Springs radiator from Bisque keep your home heated and will look stunning in a contemporary setting. It comes in three lengths 60cm, 1.2m and 1.8m and is priced from pounds 350 (0171-328 2225).