African Caribbean finance forum graduate recruitment fair 19 march, islington business design centre

A key objective of the ACFF is to match the talents of the black professional workforce with the demands of the international business community. We are fully aware of the diverse range of skills that exists within our communities and, through our corporate partnerships, understand the needs of businesses in an increasingly demanding and competitive environment.

We know that individuals from our communities have the ability to succeed at every level within organisations. The role of the ACFF is to encourage and facilitate the professional development of the ethnic minority workforce, ensuring that we are fully equipped to capitalise on career opportunities in the global market-place. Furthermore, it is to ensure that organisations recognise and benefit from the added value which comes from the recruitment and development of the skilled, creative and dynamic people whom we represent.

Britain continues to develop a better qualified and more adaptable workforce among the ethnic minority communities than among the rest of the population. A greater proportion of people of African and Caribbean descent continue on to further education, and a larger percentage of ethnic minorities have a degree, or the equivalent, than the rest of the population.

Yet unemployment, even among those who are well qualified, is still higher than for the majority community. Furthermore, career progression within UK companies for individuals from ethnic minorities remains an area of concern. This process of marginalisation of an important element of the labour market benefits no one, and runs counter to the interests of the British economy.

Recruiting for the 21st Century represents one way of addressing this imbalance. The careers fair aims to promote good practice in the recruitment and career development of African and Caribbean people in the workplace. Its key objectives are to encourage and support both private and public sector organisations in attracting, retaining, developing and advancing African and Caribbean graduates and professionals.

We have been delighted and excited by the considerable response we have had to the Job Matching Service, and by the number of employers and exhibitors represented here at the fair.

Executive Committee

African and Caribbean

Finance Forum