A look back at the week ahead.

2 June 1780: A new horse race, run at Epsom, is named after Edward Stanley, 12 Earl of Derby.

2 June 1953: This date is chosen for the coronation of Elizabeth II because records showed it to be consistently the most sunny day of the year. It rained.

2 June 1954: Lester Piggott, 18, wins his first Derby on Never Say Die.

3 June 1937: Former king Edward VIII marries Mrs Wallis Simpson.

3 June 1946: The first bikini bathing suit is displayed at a Paris fashion show.

3 June 1956: British Railways end third-class travel.

4 June 1784: The King of Sweden watches as Madame Thible becomes the first woman to fly in a Montgolfier hot-air balloon.

4 June 1937: The first supermarket trolley rolls down the aisles in Oklahoma.

5 June 1783: The Montgolfier brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne, rise 2,000m and stay in the air for 10 minutes in their new balloon.

5 June 1988: Kat Cottee arrives at Sydney harbour, the first woman to sail single-handed round the world non-stop.

6 June 1683: Elias Ashmole opens the first public museum, the Ashmolean in Oxford.

6 June 1933: The first drive-in movie opens in Camden, New Jersey, with room for 400 cars.

6 June 1988: David Stern of New York blows a bubble 50ft long, the world's biggest.

6 June 1988: Three giant turtles are found at a sewage plant in the Bronx. They are believed to have been washed down lavatories when small.

7 June 1950: The first episode of The Archers is broadcast on BBC Radio.

8 June 1847: Women and children are limited to a working day of 10 hours in Britain.

8 June 1978: Nippon Airways announce a 20 per cent cut in collisions with birds after painting large eyeballs on their jets.