Six of the best cowboy shirts; Think Marlboro Man. Not Cindy Crawford. And stay away from tassels
1 Rokit, prices from pounds 24.99 to pounds 100, depending on authenticity and detail This shirt is a real gem, it has everything the ideal cowboy shirt should have: coloured inserts, piping around the pockets and embroidery. The only thing it lacks is the Dolly Parton tassels, which is probably just as well. Not for the faint-hearted. From a selection at Rokit, 255 Camden High St, London NW1 and 23 Kensington Gdns, Brighton

2 Flip, pounds 15 Navy cotton shirt with red embroidered flowers. The adventurous should take inspiration from this and start sewing guitars on their shirts before the shops get there. The best cowboy shirts will undoubtedly soon all be customised or sourced out from second-hand shops. From a selection at Flip, Top Shop Oxford Circus and Covent Garden. Or try your local American retro clothing store

3 Wrangler, pounds 32.99 For those not wanting to go for the full-flung cowboy look, a normal denim shirt with Western seam detailing will do the job. But keep it casual, even scruffy, so that you avoid looking like Cindy Crawford in a Hello! spread, relaxing at her ranch-style home. This one comes in light stone and has a one-popper cuff. From Wrangler stockist nationwide; enquiries on 0115 965 5000.

4 Oasis, pounds 119.99 Black leather shirt for the urban cowgirl who styles herself on Lee Van Cleef rather than Gary Cooper. Definitely a look for women: men should leave leather to ageing rock stars. Makes a change from gingham or Vyella and is certainly more sexy. Could be sweaty in this weather. From Oasis branches nationwide; for enquiries call 0171-436 0474

5 Katharine Hamnett, pounds 85 Beige denim fine-check shirt with square pearlised poppers. Has a flattering fitted shape and comes in a soft, comfortable fabric. The square poppers give it an interesting twist, but would they wear them in Montana? From a selection at Katharine Hamnett, 20 Sloane Street SW1 and 38 Princes Square, Glasgow, and Manifesto, 40-42 Whitehall Crescent, Dundee.

6 Levis, pounds 49.95 A red cotton unisex shirt with a classic shape, quite a subtle variation on the cowboy theme. Very durable, very timeless, very Marlboro Man. Will fade authentically. This is part of a wide selection from Levis. Available from Levis stockists nationwide (for enquiries, call 01604 790 436)