Or "Carry On Romping". Terry "Dead Funny" Johnson has tweaked the text and turned a largely forgotten Restoration comedy into a tremendous night out. Farcical goings-on are delivered with gusto by a company whose enjoyment is completely infectious. The standard plotting gives way to a suprising conclusion and you'd have to be pretty sour of spirit not to have a damn good time.

National Theatre, SE1 (0171-452 3000)


There are times when Howard Davies's whirlwind production overwhelms Bulgakov's play - but what a production! Tim Hatley's design and Rick Fisher's lighting are, to use a technical term, gobsmacking. Davies floods the vast Olivier stage with activity in this tragicomic portrait of life on the run from the white and red Russian armies. Alan Howard is memorably unhinged, Nicholas Jones hilarious and Kenneth Cranham is on top form. Everything, in fact, bar Boney M singing "Ra-Ra Rasputin" (but then this score is rather better).

National Theatre, SE1 (0171-452 3000)


The word "seminal" could have been invented to describe Beckett's wildly influential tragicomedy about killing time. Having directed the premiere in the 1950s, Peter Hall begins a new season with a new cast in his Old Vic production. Under his watchful gaze, the play bursts into strange, comic, and shockingly tender life.

In rep. Piccadilly Theatre, W1 (0171-369 1734)


Conor McPherson's award-strewn, beautifully told tale of tall stories in a country pub is exquisitely played, unfashionably gentle, quietly compelling and very moving.

Royal Court at the Duke of Yorks, WC2 (0171-565 5000)


Jason Carr's gorgeous, smoky, Fifties jazz score sets the tone for Steven Pimlott's superbly convincing dream of a production of Tennessee Williams's neglected fantasy about love, hope and fate. The loose narrative sprawls but the evening gradually coheres and finally grips thanks to Yolande Sonnabend's designs and Peter Mumford's incredibly evocative lighting. A bold Darrell D'Silva heads an excellent RSC cast including Susannah York, Peter Egan (as Casanova) and Leslie Phillips. Paola Dionisotti gloriously steals the show as a deliciously funny, no-nonsense, gypsy fortune-teller.

Young Vic, SE1 (0171-928 6363)