Judy Garland changes by the week. Pardon? Depending on which night you see it, the title role in The Night We Buried Judy Garland not only looks different, but is actually being played by different people.

Garland herself changed her appearance during her movies. Take Summer Stock. There she is at the opening of the picture, decidedly dumpy in dungarees, bouncing up and down at the wheel of a tractor singing 'Howdy neighbour, happy harvest]' (No, they don't make 'em like that any more.) Come the climax, after she has - wait for it - persuaded visiting theatrical types to put the show on in the barn, she ends up starring in the big number, 'Get Happy'. And suddenly, she's sleek, svelte and showing a serious amount of leg. And all because the lady. . . disappeared into the clutches of a health guru for weeks, delayed shooting, and lost a vast amount of weight.

Last week, Patti Boulaye opened the run as Judy Garland. This week it's the turn of singer/songwriter Susan Black. The final week sees the play debut (it's all the rage these days) of Erasure's Andy Bell (below), last seen paying homage to Agnetha from Abba.

He's in good company. Two-thirds of the cast are male, and at the press call there were 14 Judy Garlands, all wearing her signature 'Get Happy' costume.

The Night We Buried Judy Garland, Shaw Theatre (071-388 1394)

See John Lyttle, p9

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