ready to wear: by annalisa barbieri
Fleece is my very favourite fabric, so it saddens me rather that it is now so terribly trendy, as trendy things frighten me. Ever since I bought my first fleece, a PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) one - made from recycled plastic bottles - by Patagonia, two years ago, I have been addicted to this cosy stuff. I'm a sucker for "performance fleeces" ie ones that are made to go up mountains and down caves, keep you warm to minus 566 degrees and repel water like Camilla Parker-Bowles repels the nation. I snort in disgust at fashion fleeces, although if you're not as fussy as I then you can save quite a bit - some of Patagonia's particularly fine fleeces cost upwards of pounds 150. For fashion, and function, fleeces should be worn so they fit - not too big. Big turn-ups on your jeans are optional. To enquire about Patagonia products call (France) 00331 4110 1818.

Above: navy middleweight fleece jacket, pounds 55, Karrimor at North by North West, 3 Southampton Street, London WC2, enquiries: 01254 385911. White T-shirt, pounds 17.95, Sun and Sand, Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1, enquiries: 0171 490 4684. Grey thermal top, pounds 24.99, Helly Hanson, call 01159 509508 for stockists. Jeans, approx pounds 51, Levi's, enquiries: 01604 790436.

Top: pink fleece, pounds 14.99, Marks & Spencer branches nationwide. Black top, pounds 24.95, Helly Hanson, as before. Jeans, approx pounds 51, Levi's, as before.

Right: navy lightweight zip-neck fleece, from a selection at pounds 25, Gap Kids, branches nationwide, enquiries: 0800 427789.

Bottom right: heavyweight blue fleece jacket, pounds 65, Helly Hanson, as before. White polo neck, pounds 17.95, Sun and Sand, as before. Stretch jeans, approx pounds 51, Levi's, as before. Lime shoes, pounds 295, to order from Jimmy Choo, enquiries: 0171 235 6008.