There's a snake in my hat! Snakes in tiny headgear becomes latest pet trend

Snakes in hats has become the latest pet trend to take online forums by storm, take a look at some of the most stylish here

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While lolcats, grumpy cats, dogs in tights, and animal beards have already conquered the Internet, the latest online pet trend has taken a cold blooded twist.

Rather than cute cats and dogs doing adorable things, images of snakes wearing hats are now littering forums.

Despite reptiles not being everyone's cup of tea, it seems that sticking a tiny hat on the animals has made the world love them.

While the thought of touching a snake may still send a shiver down many a person’s back, few can deny the hilarity of the images, even if they aren’t quite near the cute levels of Boo the Pomeranian dog.

And this being the Internet, it isn’t long until the trend develops its own sub categories - lizards in sombreros and Santa hats are already cropping up.

Check out our gallery of the most dashing snakes and their hats here: