Shannon Ryan

Nurse, 28

My jeans are by Just Jeans, I bought them in Australia. I'm quite pleased with these but I have a lot of trouble finding the right size. A lot of sizes stop at 14 and I need them bigger than that. I hate shopping altogether so I tend to stick to the same brand, I've got two other pairs like this. I think the Levi's made-to-measure is a really good idea but it's too expensive, I wouldn't pay as much as pounds 50 for a pair of jeans.

Claudia Southgate

Student, 21

My jeans are from Karen Millen and I'm quite happy with them. I've got a lot of jeans at home and I tend to go for the men's fit because I don't like the way that women's jeans taper in at the bottom. I've just bought some Levi's ladies fit but I'm not very keen on them. I love shopping but I don't often go shopping for jeans because it is a bit of a problem. I'd definitely pay pounds 65 for jeans which fitted me perfectly.

Dain Tag

Ex-Teacher, 47

I've got no idea what brand of jeans these are, I don't like them though, they're uncomfortable because they don't fit properly. I do have one other pair of jeans and I like them but I have a great deal of trouble shopping for jeans, I don't like having to try on so many different pairs. I would probably buy the Levi's I don't think it's too much money to pay because jeans do last for a long time.

Nathalie Ellis

Student, 23

I like Katherine Hamnett jeans, but usually it's impossible to find the right fit. I need them long in the leg and small in the waist but if I find the right length the hips are always too big or vice-versa. I'll see a really nice pair in a shop but when I try them on I'm almost always disappointed because the legs are too short. I've got loads of pairs at home that I don't wear. I think the Levi's made-to-measure are a brilliant idea and I wouldn't mind paying the extra.

Julie Vince

London Transport

Museum, 31

These are Levi's 591s. I'm quite happy with them but I have trouble finding one's I do like because they are never long enough in the leg. I've got at least two pairs at home which I don't wear, I buy jeans that are the right length but then find the cut very uncomfortable. I'd rather pay pounds 65 for a pair of made-to-measure jeans than pay less for another make that would sit at the bottom of my wardrobe.

Emma Moore

Art Student, 24

My jeans are from M&S, they're cut short in the leg and are a good fit. I'm quite small so I have trouble finding jeans, they're either too high- waisted or too long in the leg. I've got about ten pairs at home which I don't wear, I buy them thinking I like them and then discover they're all wrong. Buying jeans is a total nightmare which I avoid at all costs. The Levi's made-to-measure service sounds like a great idea, it's not too expensive since you only need one pair every two years.