Parrots and exotic birds have been stolen in a spate of raids in south London last week which police believe may be linked.

First hit was the Kimbridge pet shop in St James's Road, where an elderly ring necked conure, named Jason, was


Jacki Bedingham, 34, owner of the shop, said yesterday that she feared Jason would not survive the ordeal because the pet suffers from asthma and may die without medication.

'He needs antibiotics and ear-drops every day. He obviously put up a struggle because green feathers were scattered all over the floor.'

The day after Jason was

stolen, three more parrots were taken.

Thieves smashed through security bars to get into a flat at Bedwin Way, Bermondsey, stealing an African Grey, a janday, a conure and a lovebird - together worth pounds 1,000.

The third burglary was from Pet's Pantry on the Old Kent Road. A pair of black-masked lovebirds and two parrots were snatched.