Things they wished they hadn't said

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Tom Hanks, 1994 Academy Awards

Paid tribute to his teacher, whom nobody knew was gay, saying: `He was one of the finest gay Americans that I ever had the good fortune to be associated with.'

Julian Clary, 1993 British Comedy Awards

Broadcast live to the nation that he had `just been fisting Norman Lamont' backstage.

Noel Gallagher: 1996 Brit Awards

Snarled at Michael Hutchence, who was presenting prizes at the Brit Awards: `Has-beens shouldn't present awards to gonna-bes.' Liam went on: `Anyone tough enough to take us off the stage can come up now.'

Tracey Emin (left): 1997 Turner Prize Discussion on Channel 4

Stormed off set saying: "I'm leaving now, I want to be with my Mum. I don't give a f**k. You people aren't relating to me now. You've lost me completely."