1 Try not to look like a tourist - buy a pocket camera, leave jewellery at home. If robbed, don't argue, just hand everything over.

2 Listen to your guide.

3 Carry plenty of water and salt tablets and never drink unsterilised water from streams or wells.

4 If you come face to face with a lion, or any other predator, DON'T run. Walk slowly backwards, in a straight line, keeping the animal in sight.

5 Don't have unprotected sex. Aids is rife.

6 Take medical supplies. Anti-diarrhoea pills are essential, as are malaria pills. Take syringes in case you need an injection.

7 Contact-lens wearers should take a pair of glasses too. Some places can be very dusty even when wearing sunglasses.

8 Take cotton clothing, a jumper for chilly evenings and cool mornings, stout boots and insect repellent (and cover up well).

9 Bugs love dark corners so always shake out shoes and clothes, check your bedding and under loo seats and zip up your tent.

10 A Swiss Army knife will be useful when someone forgets the corkscrew.