Think you know everything there is to know about Wills and Kate? Well, think again...

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Because Carolyn Morton has made being an expert on the royal wedding her profession, she’s charged with the challenging task of capturing royal bride Kate Middleton in sculpture, commissioned by Compton and Woodhouse.

What’s more, given that the details on Miss Middleton’s wedding day clothing are yet to be revealed, she’s under pressure: while work has already begun on developing this limited edition royal wedding figurine, she can’t complete the piece until, along with everybody else, she gets the news that plenty in the U.K are waiting for.

A daunting task indeed. And she’s certainly aware of the magnitude of that task – or at least, that’s what she told us:

You've sculpted models of a number of people. How does Kate compare?

CM: I can say Kate is definitely the prettiest so far!

This figurine represents a unique challenge because no one knows what Kate will be wearing; are you feeling the pressure?

CM: I'm really looking forward to the challenge. I love fashion and I'm sure her dress will be stunning, so I’m just focusing on doing both the figurines and the dress justice.

Sculpture is one of our oldest methods for creating lasting art: what about it appeals to you?

CM: So many things. I love three dimensional art. I love that you can and should handle, touch, feel and walk all round it. That especially applies to bronze, which is my usual medium. I love that something I have made will be here and treasured, hopefully kept and passed down through a family long after I've departed this life!

What is it that you try to capture when you create a sculpture of a person?

CM: Portrait work is just incomparable with any other; it is about the character, the hopes and dreams of the subject, the little nuances of expression fleetingly seen, that I hope to capture. It's about the soul, not just the visual element. I have made several sculptures where it has been a secret present or for some reason I can't have sittings with the person, so I’ve have had to rely on good visual reference, and the very important background character research. Having an insight into character is the difference between a likeness and a really good likeness and that applies whether I can have life sittings or not.

What is it about Miss Middleton that the figurines need to capture?

CM: Her inner beauty and personality as well as her obvious physical beauty and grace. I have been doing lots of background research into Kate as a person as that is so very important with a portrait piece.

As royal memorabilia goes, Morton’s figurine stands proud: Compton and Woodhouse have a long history of production of royal figurines, and the final "Catherine: The Royal Bride" figurines will be highlighted in either platinum or 22-carat gold and roduced at a limited run of 4,950.

In addition to this fantastic opportunity to own a true collector’s item, Compton and Woodhouse are offering any reader who reserves a figurine before 31 May 2011 the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win a fantastic set of jewellery modelled on the engagement ring given to Kate by Prince William. This "Princess Collection" comprises a ring, necklace and earrings.

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