Time Lapse: This could be the last time

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The Rolling Stones

' free concert in Hyde Park in July 1969 (right) came to be seen as a wake for tragic youth, coming just two days after the death of guitarist Brian Jones, found dead from a drug overdose in the swimming pool of his Sussex home. Jagger, dressed by the late Ossie Clarke, read from Shelley in an opening tribute, before 250,000 fans. The Stones were at the height of their fame, having released Beggars Banquet the previous year, featuring the anthemic "Street Fighting Man" and "Sympathy for the Devil". The single "Honky Tonk Woman" would be at number one for most of the summer of '69 (their last UK chart-topper) and their next album, Let it Bleed, was to be another huge hit. Fast forward 30 years, and the Stones' current world tour (far right) sees Mick, 55, looking less like a hippie angel, more a dirty old man in his pork pie hat and mac. The Stones' latest live album, No Security, has failed to trouble the Top 10, while ticket sales have been described as "sluggish". Some things never change, though, such as the high profile of Mick's private life, which currently sees him fighting a paternity suit from model Luciana Morad, and being amorously linked by the tabloids with 27-year-old "cracker from Caracas" Vanessa Neumann. Some girls.