Time lapse : Yabba-dabba-doo?

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The Flintstones was the first ever primetime television cartoon. It premiered at 8.30pm on 30 September, 1960 on the ABC network in the US. The rest, as they say, is prehistory. There were six TV series in all, which are still being rerun around the world, and now Hollywood is trying to recreate the old magic once more. Its first attempt, with John Goodman as simple-minded Fred Flintstone (above centre), was slated by the critics as a "Yabba-dabba-don't" but it still went on to be the blockbuster of summer 1994, grossing more than pounds 150m worldwide. Still in production but due for release next year is The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas, starring Mark Addy (above right) of Full Monty fame. This is a prequel to the previous film and sees Fred and fiancee Wilma Slaghoople head off for a romantic weekend in Rock Vegas with fellow sweethearts Barney and Betty, only for Wilma to be wooed by millionaire playboy Chip Rockefeller ...

All together now: "Flintstones, meet The Flintstones/ They're the modern stone-age family/ From the town of Bedrock/ They're a page right out of history/ Let's ride with the family down the street/ Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet/ When you're with the The Flintstones/ Have a yabba-dabba-doo time/ A dabba-doo time/ You'll have a gay old time."