Tip Of The Week: Getting Rid Of Condensation

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WHEN OUR our car windows mist up, we all know what to do - open the windows and turn up the heating. So why do we have such a problem with steamed-up windows in our kitchens and bathrooms? Here's all you need to know about condensation:

1. If your windows steam up, you are not treating your home properly. Condensation occurs when warm water vapour hits a cold surface. The liquid water runs down window panes and wets the wood frames, causing flaking paint and rot.

2. Condensation isn't caused by your home, but by you: showering, cooking, even breathing. And the condensing surfaces are cold because you are not heating them efficiently.

3. Get rid of the water vapour you create to the outside by opening windows or switching on extractor fans. Always keep the internal doors closed, or the water vapour will circulate into the other rooms and condense there.

4. Humidistat-switched extractor fans have a poor record, and can't be relied upon. Manually-switched fans are much better.

5. Keep bathroom walls and windows above condensation temperature in winter with an electric towel rail or 120 watt tubular heater, kept on 24 hours a day. Running costs are the same as for two light bulbs.