Tip Of The Week: Painting Wood

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Pine shelves are cheap and useful, but if you want a change of image it's easy to paint your existing pine:

1. First choose a topcoat paint colour and a finish. You have the choice of a matt, satin or gloss finish (a 750ml tin of non-drip gloss costs about pounds 4.50). Check the manufacturer's details on the tin to find out what other paints need to be put on first. Generally bare wood will need painting in three stages - a wood primer, undercoat and topcoat.

2. Find a paintbrush to suit your needs; a 37mm size brush is a good all-rounder.

3. Go over the shelf with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust. You can now prime the wood (about pounds 5.99 for 750ml tin). Dip the brush into the primer so the primer comes about a third of the way up the bristles. Wipe the brush on the rim of the tin to get rid of drips. You should grip the brush firmly like a pen but not too tight - your wrist should be flexible.

4. Apply the primer, evenly working well into the grain. For a more professional finish, first rub down the surface with a sanding block and some abrasive papers - try a medium then a fine grade.

5. Allow the primer to dry before you apply the undercoat. Once the undercoat is dry you can put on the topcoat - as thickly and evenly as possible but without causing runs. It is best to apply two topcoats.