TV Offal (11pm C4) Victor Lewis-Smith, The London Evening Standard's dread-locked TV critic, and Chris Morris (he of Brass Eye and Radio One's extraordinary Blue Jam) have long been ploughing the same furrow - terrorising the facile witterings of so much TV and satirising to death the very vernacular of broadcasting. On the evidence of Lewis-Smith's new series, however (you might remember the pilot last year), he and co- writer Phil Sparks have been left far behind by Morris. Much of this is entertaining. I loved the gay daleks ("they're camp... they exterminate... better watch your backs"). But a song looking forward to the death of the Queen Mother is too obviously designed to shock, while a hoax phone-caller to a Radio Four receptionist (the big bully) turns into a tribute to said telephonist's sang froid.

Spin City (9.30pm C4) & Frasier (10pm C4) Which is a way of saying that there is little else of novelty or note on the box tonight. Spin City features the now inevitable guest star (Raquel Welch as the gorgeous mother of neurotic press secretary Paul), while Frasier demonstrates its love of pure farce. This week, Niles thinks Daphne has overheard him telling Frasier that he wants to ask her on a date.

THe film

The Leather Boys (1.15am C5) Kitchen-sink look at teenage life just before The Beatles - with a daring (for its day: 1963) gay sub-plot. Colin Campbell (wonderfully described by Leslie Halliwell as a "young British proletarian actor of the 60s") plays a teenage mechanic who comes to regret marrying Rita Tushingham and starts hanging out with gay biker chum Dudley Sutton (yes, Tinker in Lovejoy). Directed by the energetic Sidney J Furie, who made both The Young Ones and The Ipcress File.