Today's pick: Coast to Coast

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Coast to Coast (8pm BBC2) "England gets very weird when you start walking through it," reckons Janet Street-Porter as she strides along the first leg of a 500-mile march from Dungeness, in Kent, to the north Welsh coast. Spare a thought, one feels, for the innocent walkers ambling in the opposite direction. At an apparent hiatus in her TV career, Street-Porter, the Vice President of the Ramblers Association hoped to catch "a unique view of post-election Britain" (ah, those were the days). Instead, she encounters overgrown footpaths, salsa dancing in Rye, a plague of wild boars in East Sussex, and the first of several planted celebrities - in tonight's opener, Vic Reeves.

If I Ruled the World (10pm BBC2) A sort of meeting of Have I Got News for You and Whose Line Is It Anyway as improv meets political satire. Guest comedians join host Clive Anderson and team captains Graeme Garden and Jeremy Hardy and try to persuade the studio audience to vote for them. Games include "Yes/No", in which contestants fend off as many questions as possible without giving a simple "yes" or "no", and "I Couldn't Disagree More", in which they have to argue against any and all statements thrown at them.

THe film

Night of the Eagle (12.30am C4) Otherwise known by the jollier title of Burn, Witch, Burn!, this is a stylish, low-budget British adaptation (from 1961) of Fritz Leiber's novel Conjure Wife. It stars Peter Wyngarde, the Australian actor who went on to be immortalised as Jason King, as a hard-headed, rational man - a psychology lecturer at a provincial university, who discovers that his wife and his colleagues have been dabbling in witchcraft. The extra-ordinary Kathleen Byron is in the support cast.