Men Behaving Badly (9.30pm BBC1) The end of the current series, and Simon Nye's sitcom seems to come to a natural full stop. Gary (Martin Clunes) is forced to part with his old sofa, pulling out mementoes that have fallen down its back - an imaginative valedictory gimmick. Tony (Neil Morrissey), meanwhile, buys a live snake down the pub - a storyline with unfulfilled Fawltyesque potential. Men Behaving Badly has been running since 1992 now, when New Lads were still a twinkle in a New Man's eye. The present seems like a good time to finish it off, although no decision has yet been made, and the BBC has a record of extending sitcoms so far beyond their sell-by-date that they become a bad joke. Birds of a Feather was, after all, once a decent little comedy of Essex girl (remember her?) mores.

The Shooting Gallery (12 midnight C4) A breathless press release hot- faxes its way from Notting Hill, in which some film-makers, bless them, positively invite the Daily Mail to condemn their new movie short, Coming Down, because it "fails to offer any damnation to the use of... ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana". Coming Down is the first in a new eight-week season of short films in The Shooting Gallery. Tonight's theme is danger.