Your job might not be sexy enough / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Your resume could be the reason you’re unlucky in love

If dating apps haven’t yet set you on the path for true love, there might be a reason your profile isn’t proving successful.

Yes, you’ve nailed the perfect bio and perfectly executed headshot - but the one thing that could be seriously affecting your love life is your resume.

According to new research from Happn - the app, which uses your real-time location to find people who’ve crossed your path – not all professions are equally desirable.

That’s right, your job just isn’t sexy enough.

After analysing data from its 2.9 million users, Happn figured out the top five professions considered to be the most lustworthy for both men and women and the results are pretty surprising.

Spoiler: firefighters, models and personal trainers didn’t make the cut. 

Surprisingly, being a lawyer was ranked the most attractive profession among both sexes while those who identified themselves as analysts came in just behind for men.

After that, engineers, salesman, and doctors proved the most likely to have success on the app.

For women, being a designer was the second profession almost certainly guaranteed to help you rack up the likes.

Closely followed by teacher, marketer and physician. 

Alas, swiping right isn’t just about looking buff in your picture after all; nowadays you need to have brains as well as brawn.