A roundup of top Lifestyle & Home and Home and Garden videos from video-sharing websites www.wonderhowto.com, www.5min.com and www.ehow.com, recorded on Friday, March 11.


How to prune tomato plants
This step-by-step tutorial not only shows how to prune tomato plants but also provides a brief overview of some of the technical terms used by professionals. The video also includes a brief question-and-answer session, which addresses concerns such as "when is the best time to prune my tomato plants?" and "how often should I prune them?"

How to childproof your home
This short video on keeping children safe in your home recommends, "thinking like a child" and crawling around your house at a young child's height to see what could pose a potential hazard.

Filling gaps in a door frame
This DIY tutorial shows a simple way to fill in any gaps in a door frame. The tutorial recommends using a specially bought spray insulating foam to prevent heat escaping through the gaps.