A round-up of the most watched videos in the category Lifestyle & Home on how-to video-sharing website Videojug.


Seasonal "how to" videos once again dominate the Videojug top ten, with "how to make a Christmas tree bauble" remaining at the top of the charts.

Magic tricks for the festive season are growing in popularity as "how to make a cup float in mid air" climbs four places, but it looks like Videojug users have got the hang of folding their clothes as "how to fold a T-shirt" drops down the rankings.

Re-entering the charts this week is the seasonally appropriate "troubleshooting: when you have a cold radiator"; the video gives advice and instructions on how to fix your heating and ensure you stay warm over the winter period. 

Amongst the new entries this week are "how to make a ball of flowers with an oasis," which guides viewers through the trickier parts of flower arranging, and "what to do if you catch your parents having sex." The latter tongue in cheek video, done in the style of Hannibal Lecter, includes the following tips: use earplugs, strike up a conversation, take pictures or provide a running commentary on the action.

With "+/-" indicating a change in position, the most watched videos on Videojug*, Friday, November 12 recorded at 11:00 GMT, are:

1.       How To Make A Christmas Tree Bauble (total views: 350,715) no change
2.       How To Make A Christmas Center Piece (total views: 94,429) +1
3.       How To Knit A Scarf (total views: 240,746) +1
4.       How To Make A Christmas Wreath (total views: 76,499) +4
5.       How To Talk To People: Better Communication Skills (total views: 151,029)  +1
6.       How To Make A Cup Float in Mid Air (total views: 356,126) +4
7.       How To Make A Ball Of Flowers With An Oasis (total views: 125,578) new entry
8.       How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds-Explained (total views: 1,134,257) -1
9.       What To Do If You Catch Your Parents Having Sex (total views: 195,071) new entry
10.     Troubleshooting: When You Have A Cold Radiator (total views: 56,000) re-entry

*Videojug is an online video-sharing community with a focus on instructional videos in a number of disciplines.