Top lifestyle videos: how to polish brass, decorate a contemporary Christmas tree

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A round-up of the most watched videos in the category Lifestyle & Home on how-to video-sharing website Videojug.

Two new entries, "how to clean brass" and "how to decorate a contemporary Christmas tree" make the top ten most watched videos on Videojug on November 19.

For the many people hosting friends and family over the approaching Christmas season, "how to clean brass" gives tips and insights into how to make those accessories sparkle and how to tell if they are really made of brass by using a magnet.

This week's other new entry, "how to decorate a contemporary Christmas tree," shows how to decorate a tree in a contemporary style using organza and painted birch twigs. However the video leaves Videojug users unimpressed with many commenting "that's the ugliest tree I have ever seen in my life, and to think i felt bad about mine 5 minutes ago..." and 'the worst ever tree I've ever seen. It looks dead."

"How to make a Christmas tree bauble" remains the most popular video while "how to make a cup float in mid-air" drops four places to tenth position.

With "+/-" indicating a change in position, the most watched videos on Videojug*, Friday, November 19 recorded at 1:30pm GMT, are:

1.       How To Make A Christmas Tree Bauble (total views: 364,820) no change
2.       How To Clean Brass (total views: 94,954) new entry
3.       How To Make A Christmas Centrepiece (total views: 99,703) -1
4.       How To Make A Christmas Wreath (total views:79,618) -1
5.       How To Talk To People: Better Communication Skills (total views: 153,934) no change
6.       How To Knit A Scarf (total views:243,496) -3
7.       How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds - Explained (total views: 1,136,364) +1
8.       How To Make A Ball Of Flowers With An Oasis (total views: 127,325) -1
9.       How To Decorate A Contemporary Christmas Tree(total views: 56,893) new entry
10.     How To Make A Cup Float In Mid Air (total views: 357,950) -4

*Videojug ( is an online video-sharing community with a focus on instructional videos in a number of disciplines.