A roundup of top Lifestyle & Home and Home and Garden videos from video-sharing websites www.wonderhowto.com, www.5min.com and www.dailymotion.com, recorded on Friday, March 4.



How to install ceramic tile flooring
This DIY video offers practical advice on how to install a ceramic tile floor. The video lists all the equipment needed, outlines some basic safety advice and provides step-by-step instructions on how to install a ceramic floor.


MacGyver Cleaning
Titled after the ever resourceful fictional secret agent MacGyver, this video offers some quick cleaning and organization tips utilizing common household items. Top tips include using sticky hooks to arrange jewelry, using hand lotion to polish shoes, and placing tea candles on upturned wine glasses to form a centerpiece.


How to improve your gas mileage
This how-to video offers advice on saving money and reducing emissions when driving. The video recommends adopting driving habits such as decreasing speed, turning the engine off when waiting and not warming the car up on cold days.