Tramlink, the light rail network for south London, is a step closer to operation after its promoters agreed to house the Wimbledon terminus within the existing British Rail and London Underground station.

Trams will pull in to Platform 10, allowing direct transfer between the three modes of public transport.

Using the station was Merton council's last concern over the plans, which will eventually provide travellers with a direct link between Wimbledon, Croydon, Beckenham and New Addington.

Tramlink promoters, Croydon council and London Transport, gave their decision on the terminus to a Commons select committee which was set up to examine the future of the light rail network.

They said they were on the verge of signing contracts with Railtrack and British Rail to finalise the deal. They also said they will not use Merton Park as a work site except to build the station there and to realign track in the immediate vicinity.

Philip Jones, the chairman of Merton council's planning services committee, said the presence of the station will benefit commuters and the community.