travel to Tristan da Cunha? The only way to reach this speck of British territory in the south Atlantic west of South Africa is aboard RMS St Helena, which makes an annual visit to the island. It is not cheap: flying out to Cape Town, then spending a fortnight at sea with no guarantee of being able to land at Tristan da Cunha, costs at least pounds 2,600. Book through Curnow Shipping in Falmouth (01326 211466).

view exotic furniture in Paris? Visit the fine old Clotre des Billettes, a quadrangle at 24 Rue des Archives in the Marais. This is an open-air showroom of antique furniture from the Himalayas (open 5pm-7pm Sunday, noon-7pm other days, until 30 January).

pass time at Bangkok airport? Buy your way into the first-class lounge for a couple of hours. The Louis Tavern has locations in both terminals 1 and 2. Two hours costs pounds 12 in first class, or pounds 9 in business class - excellent value, given the price of drinks at the Thai airport. Call Bangkok airport (00 662 535 1111) for details.

travel through the Caucasus? Join Michael Rogers, professor of Islamic Art and Archaeology, on a 13-night trip next August to Armenia and Georgia. Organised by British Museum Traveller (0171-323 8895), it takes in the highlights of these historic former Soviet republics. The price is pounds 1,990, with a single supplement of pounds 220.

see Hungary? Go to a cinema showing the film of Dostoyevsky's The Gambler, opening this Friday. Though the story takes place in St Petersburg and Baden-Baden, the locations used were in Budapest and around Lake Balaton.

take an armchair passage to India?

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