Conservation Volunteers

Northern Ireland: Exists to develop the volunteering movement in Northern Ireland. Supports the efforts of local people in conservation though voluntary practical action. (Tel: 01232 645 169)

Countryside Commission:

Government agency which works to protect and enhance the countryside. Provides grants and advice for projects. It is helping to establish 12 new Community Forests. (Tel: 01242 521 381)

Forestry Commission: Responsible for protecting and expanding Britain's forests and woodlands. Sets standards, provides advice and gives information and grants for conservation of woodlands. (Tel: 0131 334 0303)

National Urban Forestry Unit: Promotes planting of new woodland in towns and encourages better care of existing urban trees. (Tel: 01902 828 600)

The National Trust: Founded in 1895, the trust is now Europe's

leading conservation charity,

supported by over 2.4 million

subscribing members. Owns and

protects more than 25,000 hectares of woodland. (Tel: 0181 315 1111)

The Tree Council: Principal aim is to improve the environment by

promoting the planting and

conservation of trees and woods throughout the United Kingdom. (Tel: 0171 828 9928)

Trees of Time and Place: Gives information and encouragement for people in Britain who want to plant a tree using seeds from a tree which is personally special to them. Sees planting of trees as a simple way to do something practical and personal to help improve the environment. Provides help and information packs to people wanting to do their own planting. (Tel: 0345 078139. Address: 98 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JW)

The Woodland Trust: UK's

largest charity solely dedicated to protecting native and broad-leaved trees. (Tel: 01476 581 111)