Welcome to the age of stupidity: hail the rise of the idiots. Human folly in the media industry is the order of the day in Nathan Barley, the latest effort from contrary satirist Chris Morris.

With his previous ventures, including The Day Today and the infamous Brass Eye "special" on paedophilia, Morris has mostly focused his ire on current affairs. Nathan Barley, co-written with Charlie Brooker, is a departure in that it has a plot and characters. Chief amongst these is Nathan Barley (Nicholas Burns), head of www.trashbat.co.uk and all- round obnoxious yoof: "I'm a self-facilitating media node." (Barley first appeared on Brooker's cult website tvgohome.com.) Along for the lattes are Claire Ashcroft (Claire Keelan), wannabe documentary maker - "I've already filmed a choir of junkies" - and her brother Dan (Julian Barratt), a jaded magazine writer.

Nathan Barley isn't laugh-out-loud funny, but it's sharp, surreal and intelligent. It's unlikely to cause the same furore as Brass Eye, but that of course may be the point. In my opinion, it's worth a look. But what do I know? I work for the media - and so in Morris's eyes, I may well be an idiot.