Scrutiny: The Class of 97 (7.10pm BBC2) This film follows five new MPs as they attempt to find their way in the House of Commons without the benefit of any official on-the-job training. They are given advice by Tony Benn on the best way of delivering a speech to the House, and the former Conservative Defence Minister Nicholas Soames offers tips on lobbying (and later becoming) a Minister. New Labour MP Oona King reckons that: "in the last nine months, I've given birth to something. I don't know what it is. Public life, I suppose."

Video Diaries (11pm BBC2) "The Last Resort" tracks the high-pressure life of Steve Malone, who is simultaneously trying to keep up the access to his son and tend to his father, who is suffering from terminal cancer. To say nothing of maintaining a traumatic job responding to mental health case emergencies, which Steve himself calls "a thankless, thankless task".