The Ship (8pm C4) New six-part fly-on-the-wall series charting the fortunes of Tyneside's Swan Hunter shipyard, saved by Dutch company THC. Irene Cockcroft's documentary proves an eye-opener about the post- Thatcherite landscape. Most of Newcastle's young labour force has moved elsewhere - and no one wants to be nominated as a shop steward because they know it can affect employment and promotion prospects.

Classic Plant (8.30pm C4) As in plant machinery, kicking off with bulldozers and diggers. John Peel waxes lyrical about the "navvy" as these mechanical earth-movers were once known.

Heroes of Comedy (9pm C4) The recently deceased John Wells, and Peter Cook's widow Lin Cook, speaking on TV for the first time about her dead husband, join the usual suspects for this retrospective about the revered, much-missed, world-weary comedian, who died in 1995.