The Force (9.50pm BBC2) In an attempt to get the heart of modern policing, reporter David Rose spent six months with the Thames Valley Police. In the opening film of four, officers police the siege of Hillgrove Farm in Witney, where animal libbers are campaigning against the breeding of cats for animal testing.

Prostitute (10.45pm BBC1) 32-year-old single mother, Talia, can speak five languages and is the first subject in this new series. She turned to prostitution after losing a high-powered job in the airline industry - and insists it's worked out for the best. Sexually abused as a child, she says the job has helped her reclaim her body and boosted self-esteem.

On Air (11.15pm BBC2) Donna Bernard and The Independent's David Aaronovitch present this new series attempting to "find out what makes TV viewers weep, cheer or simply reach for the remote".