Bloom (8.30pm C4) Rest your weary eyes with this soothing new series about flowers. The opener centres on the orchid family. Anne Swithinbank and Bill Chudziak show that, contrary to popular belief, not all orchids are hard to cultivate. Paul Mowberry first fell for orchids when he worked at a local garden centre. Instead of wages, he was paid with a cymbidium.

The Truth about Women (9pm ITV) Tracey Ullman, Zoe Ball, Jane Horrocks, Denise Van Outen and Maureen Lipman contribute to this new series on "what it takes to be a woman in Nineties Britain". The first episode focuses on the rather major topic of "Love and Sex".

Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends (9.30pm BBC2) Yet another series reinforcing the comforting British belief that the US is populated by cranks and weirdos. At least host Louis Theroux (son of novelist Paul) is part-American.