Fortean TV (8pm C4) Stigmatics, a Dutch Elvis-impersonator who claims he was zapped and possessed by the spirit of Presley whilst on a visit to Graceland, and the first ever recorded hybrid between a swan and a goose - alive and well and living in a swan sanctuary in Eton.

The Friday Night Armistice

(9.35pm BBC2) A lot of people don't like this topical satire, and, at its worst, it can seem a tad pleased with itself. However, it thinks for itself and, behind the ironic That's Life presentation style, knows where to locate the jugular. Tonight, Iannucci, Baynham and Schneider find out just how hard it is for a former Tory minister to get a new job. Is it a blot on their CV?

The Talent (11.20pm BBC2) Mark Lawson hosts this competition to select a best short film (from a shortlist of 15), and to reward its maker with a development deal from BBC Films.