TV: KFC advert

She's hardly your typical KFC customer. But then would you really want to see a commercial featuring half a dozen pissed lads with the munchies reeling after a Saturday night out on the town? Probably not. So, Ivana Trump is flogging the new Fillet Tower Burger in the latest advert for KFC.

Ms Trump resembles Patsy from Ab Fab and sounds like Zsa Zsa Gabor as she cradles the pristine cardboard burger box. "I got a mad urge to buy a tower," mugs KFC's campaign frontman Ryan Stiles. "I can't resist men who give in to my spending urges," Ms Trump purrs.

The pair are in a New York street - a stone's throw from her ex-husband's skyscraper. Stiles, in flat cap and brown mac, obviously isn't talking real estate. Still "Ivan", as he calls her, seems pleased with her bulging bun which, interestingly, we don't see her actually eat.

The commercial is slick and quick - advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather has been cautious not to over-egg the joke. But surely, the idea of Ivana popping out for a KFC is about as believable as, well, Gorbachev nipping down to his local Pizza Hut.

The pairing may stretch credibility but, according to the PR puff, Ms Trump's support is "the best celebrity endorsement we could wish for". And according to Ms Trump who, as well as reinventing herself as a businesswomen, is also a mother: "We always go to KFC. It is a family-oriented company which I like."

A marriage made in heaven, then. KFC has produced yet another variation on a tried and tested formula (dash of Stiles plus pinch of blonde - past variations have included Dani, Ulrika and Denise) as it edges towards its long-term goal: banishing its one-time nasty and naff image.