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Modern Times: Shooting Versace (9pm BBC2) The murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace was barely cold in the ground before the race was on to make a film of the events of July last year. Fastest off the blocks was an independent outfit, which hired the quick-shot director and former Israeli movie mogul Menahem Golan, to get something into the cinemas by Christmas. Christopher Sykes's entertaining film diary follows the 18-day shoot for The Versace Murder, with Franco Nero in the lead role and an unknown New York model, the wonderfully named Shane Perdue, as Versace's killer, Andrew Cunanan. The real star of the piece, though, is the irascible 68-year-old Golan, who once did an equally fast and - here's the rub - profitable job on the Israeli raid on Entebbe: Operation Thunderbolt.

The Ten Deadliest Snakes in the World (9pm ITV) And they all live in Australia. This is surprisingly entertaining fare, principally for the expression on Steve Irwin's face every time he picks up one of these venomous critters and they snap back at him. However Irwin, inevitably dubbed "the real Crocodile Dundee", is director of Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park, so he knows what he's doing.

THe film

The Heidi Chronicles (9pm C5) One woman's march through 30 years of American feminism in this way-above-average TV movie boasting some of Jamie Lee Curtis's finest work. Adapted in 1995 from Wendy Wasserstein's Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway comedy, Curtis plays our intelligent, high-achieving but unhappy protagonist, floundering in middle age and looking back on her life from the 1960s to the present. A strong support cast includes Tom Hulce and Kim Cattrall.