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Children of Divorce (9.30pm BBC2) "To this day he thinks he walked out on her, but he walked out on me," says one of the children interviewed in this new series. It's this exclusion from the divorce process that producer/ director Hilary Clarke seeks to redress, hearing from young people aged between six and 22 whose parents have split up within the past two to 10 years. For some, the door slamming was the first they knew about it. Then there's the awful choice of which parent to live with, the teasing at school (one remembers his peers singing the old Middle of the Road chant "Where's your mama gone?", and the added responsibility which matures them beyond their years.

Face to Face: Martin Bell (11.15pm BBC2) For once this sterile old Reithian war-horse comes alive, as the MP for Tatton returns fire with a blistering lecture on the ethics of journalism which should be essential viewing for editors of TV news (Bell calls the BBC's censorship over Bosnia "mendacious" and "shameful"). Apparently, Terry Waite was canvassed about taking on Neil Hamilton - but Bell quips that Waite had already done one five-year stint as a hostage - one of several good jokes during an absorbing interview.