Ucas Listing: Scotland Fun to organise

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JAMES SNELLING, 23, comes from Northern Ireland, and has completed his third year for a BEng honours course in electrical engineering at the University of Paisley. He is on a sabbatical year as the students' association vice-president

"Until now, I was a DJ at the union every Friday - Paisley's big night, when the place gets very crowded. I had to cater for a broad audience, so I played rock as well as traditional dance music, and cheese - the music of the Seventies. But now, as vice-president, I vacated that most enjoyable job to allow another student to do it.

"I'm responsible for entertainments, promotions, discos and that kind of thing, so in a way, I'm still doing what I've always enjoyed. I tend to prop up the bar now, rather than work behind it. We go to a local pub, Gabriel's, which is owned by an Irishman. It has a superb atmosphere.

"For a big night out, we usually travel to Glasgow, just seven miles up the road, and go to The Tunnel. That's a very popular place that plays mainstream house music. But mind, I can only afford The Tunnel on very special occasions, because it is expensive, with a door price of pounds 10-pounds 15.

"More often I'll pop over to Edinburgh for a proper pub crawl. It's only 45 minutes on the train from Glasgow's Queen Street station and it is the unrivalled pub capital of Scotland. And it's also quite reasonably priced."