Ucas Listing: Scotland How to use the listings

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THE INFORMATION contained in the following pages is the most up- to-date listing available of full-time and sandwich course vacancies remaining in the Scottish universities and colleges.

The institutions are all members of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

Starting from 20 August the official full UK listings will be printed in The Independent and the Daily Mirror.

The published lists are compiled by UCAS from information supplied by universities and colleges. They are the only official list of vacancies published in the press.

Detailed clearing instructions are sent automatically by UCAS to eligible applicants: those who have applied after 30 June 1998, those without offers from their original choices and those who have not been offered a place after receipt of their results.

Vacancies are listed under subject headings: these frequently do not exactly match course titles.

A course may appear more than once if it contains a major element of all subjects under which it appears.

It is therefore essential that applicants check details in the UCAS Handbook 1998 or consult the UCAS website at, http://www.ucas.ac.uk

Courses are referred to by their four character course code. Course codes starting with a letter are degree or Dip HE courses; those starting with a number are HND courses. A letter following the course code represents the campus code. Applicants are advised to check the entry requirements with the individual university or college concerned.

New applicants need to complete a UCAS application form. This can be obtained from their school or college, local careers office or UCAS itself on 01242 223707)

If you have any difficulty with your Clearing application, contact UCAS on 01242 227788.

Prospective applicants must be in possession of their clearing entry form before they can obtain a place on any of these courses.