From Mr David Wardrop Sir: We should follow with interest Unesco's protests to the Egyptian government concerning the routing of the proposed Cairo ring road ("Egypt threatened over roads `vandalism' near pyramids", 19 December). The protection of the pyramids of Giza and Abu Syr is important as these monuments have been registered by Egypt at Unesco as World Heritage sites on behalf of us all.

This week, 29 new natural and cultural sites have been added to the list, bringing the grand total to 440. Only few will catch the media's attention as have the pyramids. Unesco's determination in Cairo should be supported and its work elsewhere should be applauded, from Dubrovnik, where Unesco staffers took over its ancient fortress during Serbian bombardment, to Ankor Wat where conservators were regularly attacked by hostile forces.

Britain should be proud to have several important buildings designated as World Heritage sites. In one, however, the Palace of Westminister, the prevailing view remains that membership of Unesco is an unnecessary luxury.

Let's hope the Jubilee Line underground workings in Parliament Square don't lead to a Cairo-like dispute. Who'd do the talking?

Yours faithfully, DAVID WARDROP Chairman London Regional Council United Nations Association London, W1