In Malaysia, two weeks ago, a man whose wife cut off his penis while he was asleep said that she did it accidentally while she was dreaming that she was strangling him. He said that he would not be taking legal action.

In Boston, The New England Journal of Medicine has reported success in treating impotence with a technique that involves inserting medicine directly into the tip of the penis. In a controlled study, 65 per cent of men treated in this manner with the drug alprostadil achieved an erection described as "sufficient for intercourse". It is interesting to note that 19 per cent of those similarly treated with a placebo also attained an erection.

In Oxfordshire, regulars at one pub bought the landlord a complimentary vasectomy, which had been offered for sale at a school fund-raising auction. Early reports suggested that it was far from clear whether the landlord was willing to co-operate.

In England, the Impotence Association has warned that smoking two cigarettes can reduce blood flow to the penis by 30 per cent and lead to impotence.