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In January PizzaTec, Europe's first pizza convention, was held in Berlin. The event was attended by 88 exhibitors from 12 countries. The event featured copies of works by Dali, Picasso and Mondrian painted on dough with tomato sauce, cheese and olives by a specially commissioned "Pizza d'arte" team.

At the Lima hostage siege in January, journalists found a stray dog with an aversion to the police. Whenever a policeman passed, its hair stood on end and it barked wildly. The journalists earned its friendship, however, by indulging its taste for take-away pizza.

In February, a survey revealed that only 6 per cent of mums realise that chips can be healthier for children than pizza.

In May, one of Italy's largest hospitals banned doctors from eating pizza at work. "The hospital cannot become a pizzeria," said a spokesman. Earlier, nurses had been caught using ambulances to deliver pizzas to the doctors.

Wasington declared 4 June "National Pizza Day" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of pizzas in the United States.