Here are some findings culled from recent surveys.

The average married couple in South Korea squabble nine times a year. 43.7 per cent of husbands and 53.6 per cent of wives never say "I love you" to their spouses.

Eight out of ten British office workers feel that they spend more than half the day on tasks for which they have had no training.

40 per cent of American scientists believe in a god, 45 per cent do not believe, and 15 per cent are doubters - almost exactly the same percentages as in 1916.

Seven per cent of British lorry drivers spend most of their time thinking about sex, drink, food and a night out; 16 per cent think of nothing in particular; and 35 per cent think about their family and home.

Only 22 per cent of Britons believe that a cure for the common cold will be found in the next 50 years, while 59 per cent believe that a cure for cancer will have been discovered by then.